Are you an Amazon seller? Well, then you are at the right place – or rather, the write place. Okay, that may have been a little lame – but the point is, when you sell on Amazon, you also need to know how to write for Amazon. Why? Drum roll – Because Amazon has its own algorithm!

Not many people know this when they begin to sell on Amazon.

Your product story has to be directly linked to the A9 algorithm.

The point of the A9 algorithm is to:

  • To expedite the buying selling process
  • To influence the purchase intent of 500 million daily visitors
  • To show the most relevant products to a customer

This algorithm works in a clear and direct way. One needs to be aware of specific words, articulation of features and backend keywords to understand this. To understand how you can write for Amazon and its algorithm, you need to understand how the A9 algorithm works. Here’s how:

  • It seeks to make maximum sales in a minute or an hour.
  • In this way, it shows the most relevant results.
  • This leads buyers to the most clicked products.
  • Finally, it ranks you on the basis of keywords and click history.

So, the point is to not just write a headline or a description, but to consistently get clicks as well. This is what we have to understand to write for Amazon success. Here’s the bottom line:

The A9 Algorithm takes stock of your content to rank the organic visibility of your product.

What does this mean?

This is the natural growth of your product’s ranking with the higher number of clicks that it earns. These clicks would depend on the KEYWORDS in your description and the PRESENTATION of your product within its description. This is what it means to write for Amazon success. When you write for Amazon, you are writing the story of the buyer’s journey and your product’s journey as well.

Basically, there’s no escaping it – the click through rate is everything when you write for Amazon. You would need to remember this when you write various product descriptions on the platform. And while you are at it, the checkpoints for content health on the platform would be as follows:

  • Backend or merchant keywords
  • Sensory words
  • Short sentences for headlines
  • Slightly expanded sentences for above the line bullet points
  • Each feature should be matched with a benefit
  • Answer questions
  • Feature reviews and other social proof
  • Use below the line description to further explain features and benefits

The best way to go about it is to craft a story using these elements and distribute it along the various parts of the Amazon product description when you write for Amazon. The headline, the above the line content and the below the line content are the major parts you need to pay attention to. When you match a sensory word with a keyword and top off the sentence or phrase with a solution, you will not only have a story that starts with the headline – but you will also earn a click. Always remember to use a clever hook at the end for the ideal buyer to click through and reach the checkout page.

When you write for Amazon, you have to write your product story. The headline is your trailer and it will help you build a promise that will be fulfilled with a click. The buyer journey begins here and you have to appeal to them with a great beginning. The above the line content eases them in and gives them more to think about. It is like the action sequence! This will earn you a scroll – because the buyer will want more. Further questions should be answered with creativity and all the details used in perfect balance.

Finally, the call for action and the social proof must be tied in with each other for a happily ever after click!

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