SEO and content have been known as the two elements that cannot exist without each other. Think potatoes and french fries. Think laundry and detergent. It really is that simple!

Yet, as we all know – it is often the simple things that are difficult to execute. Or rather, it is difficult to keep things simple.

While we are on the subject of SEO, it would be imperative to point out that there are a number of grey hat and black hat practices that have marred the relationship between SEO and content.

What is SEO though?

So, first things first: let us understand what SEO (search engine optimization) is and why it is so important. While the hope is that anyone and everyone on this website should have some idea of SEO (also, it is 2022!), there is always room for a quick definition. SEO is primarily the practice of building relevance and authority through content, so that you show up in search results for your niche or related niches. This is where the crucial partnership between SEO and content really begins.

Here are a few things that make content an integral part of SEO tactics:

  1. Visibility
  2. Search
  3. Organic Traffic

These are the main things that SEO strives for, and hence, these are the main pillars of any and every kind of content that is written for online consumption. The SEO and content fundamentals make for an amazing story of how words and imagery can be embedded with technology to reach the final consumer in the best possible way. The end result? A click, a scroll, a conversion.

While many people think that the role of SEO and content is limited to blog posts and website content – this could not be further from the truth. The main thing to remember is that Google constantly checks, monitors and makes updates to its algorithms in order to keep its search results relevant and to filter any irrelevant or spammy links. This means that your content is constantly being checked for its relevance and authority in various related realms like social media as well as other platforms.

So, merely catering to the rules of SEO on your website is not enough.

How can SEO and Content Thrive Together?

In order to ensure that SEO and content go hand in hand to build relevance and authority for your brand and website online, you would have to take to the following measures:

  • Build More Readability into your Content: Make sure that your content reads well. Align it with the semantics of the region in which you are playing. Remember, just good grammar and spelling may not be enough. Know that you have to write for your audience and hence, the region, the age and the basic demographics as well as the education level would matter. Make sure that readability is the key factor in your content pieces, before all else.
  • Create Long Form and Short Form Pieces: For a great SEO and content strategy, you would need to create content that tattoos your message home in a number of interesting formats. Go for the long form blog post, but not before you have create a carousel on social media with the main points of the message. Take it home with a well structured email that conveys the takeaways and the hook with great above the line content. See what you need to do?
  • A Detailed Editorial Calendar: Now, we can write on and on about keywords. But that is not how it works – unless you want to risk getting penalized for keyword stuffing. Create content as per trending keywords in your industry and go to well trusted websites like Buzz Sumo and HubSpot to generate the right titles so that you reach the right people at the right time. Aim to inform and entertain before all else with a detailed editorial calendar. Spread the message across various formats and platforms with well placed keywords, headings, links and more.
  • Link Building: Many SEO experts would say that link building is an obsolete practice that needs to be shown the exit door. But a well earned link and a link building strategy that delivers more information is never a bad thing. If you are able to link to articles (outbound links) that add to what you have said instead of linking merely to articles that are saying the same thing you have said, then you already have a great link building game. Further, if you are able to collaborate and build more authority together in your niche – then the search engine Gods are sure to reward you with better rankings!
  • Build a Relationship: This has to be said – the main aspect of SEO and content is to build a relationship of trust that will keep readers coming back to you. Further, this will also help them spread the word about you and possibly earn you a conversion or two in the process. Remember to stay true to your niche and pass on the know how with a hook and a clickbait style of writing.