Are you ready to welcome 2021? But more importantly, are you ready to make a splash (and some serious money) with your content writing practice in the new year? The ultimate content calendar for 2021 is something I have designed to help all of you get straight to action!

Challenges in Blogging and Content Writing

Many content writers, authors and bloggers face a number of problems when it comes to creating original and unique content on a consistent basis. Here are a few things that you would have to deal with:

  • New Ideas: If you want to engage your readers on a constant basis, you would have to constantly come up with new ideas or at least a new spin on the same information. This is the hallmark of good writing. Yet, this is also where many writers give up. Read and research for new ideas so that your projects are on track.
  • Organization: Whether you are writing an E book, a tutorial or creating a blog that you want to monetize from, you would have to be organized. This is the main skill that would help you wrap your head around all the different tasks that go into a successful practice.
  • Content Inventory: I cannot stress on this enough! Before you begin your website or blog, ensure that you have your content inventory to see you through those first few, overwhelming weeks. You would need to build an inventory of emails and other collateral for your E books and courses.
  • Motivation: This is a big one. Many writers procrastinate, yet they do not try to understand why. You would have to find something that motivates you to write. And then, build in a reward system for each goal achieved. Break down the task into milestones for easy achievement.
  • Inspiration: Many writers tend to report mental blocks as the main impediment in their writing process. Yet, there are a number of ways to get inspired and keep those blocks at bay. Find activities that take you away from your desk and interact with people regularly for inspiring ideas!

January Content Calendar

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The January calendar is a simple one since we do not want to get overwhelmed. You should concentrate on finding some How To style topics within your niche. This month, you should bring in a new resolve style flavor with your writing. So, the How To style would be perfect for those readers who are looking to start something new. Aim for at least 4 How To posts for the month of January. Mark these four posts as your cornerstone content. This would be easy to do if you are using a plugin like Yoast.

February Content Calendar

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Now that you have already set the cornerstone articles based on some important sub niches, it is time to expand. This month, you would have to identify at least 3 or 4 elements within your 4 How To posts. Take these as your What articles. These would describe a certain element of each How To article. If you write a post on How to Create Your Own Graphics, choose four things from the steps to describe in standalone posts or articles. These can be slightly shorter than the How To articles.

March Content Calendar

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This is the month when you have to capitalize on what you have done in the past two months. You should make this month the month of moving forward. Make a list of portals or blogs that are in your niche. Check their ranking and the kind of audience they cater to. Pick at least 4 of them and reach out to them for guest posts. Remember to enunciate exactly what you want to write about and how it can help their portal. Additionally, you should also approach them for posts that you can publish on your blog or website.

April Content Calendar

In the month of April, people get into the Spring Summer mode. With the holiday mood on, you would need to make your content even more appealing for people to read. Take time out to research Summer based headlines that will make your content more relevant. Create clickbait headlines with a Spring and Summer theme. Share all your posts on your social media platforms with a whole new seasonal spin! During this month, you would want to share your posts for people to take notice of your work.

May Content Calendar

Now that you are on your A game as far as social media goes, you will need to up the ante. This is the month when many people are prepping for the holidays! Give them a chance to have fun. You can launch a few contests and giveaways to create a way to interact with your audience. Remember to create quick posts to which you can link the same. Also, create at least 2 infographics for easy visual story telling.

June Content Calendar

June is the month when you should collaborate! This month, seek out social media and blogging collabs with people who are on the same page or in the same niche. Find out how you can swap information or add value to each other’s posts and stories to create an impression. With such posts, you will also get to see many variations of the same information. At the same time, you will also get to tap into each other’s audience.

July Content Calendar

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The month of July signifies the fact that you are officially halfway through the year. Not only do you get to celebrate your progress so far, but you also get to start something new. This is the perfect time to compile your posts, expand them and create an E Book which would interest your audience. It can be on one of your cornerstone topics that you have been building on, since the month of January, or it could be a compilation of your experience and learnings! Think in terms of list style articles.

August Content Calendar

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We are now in the month of August when the Summer fever is leaving us. In time for Fall, you may want to create some posts that revolve around the themes and colors of this season. Link your headlines and posts to fall elements. Take your E book forward by soliciting reviews and announcing free giveaways. Make it the month of building your brand! Ask for at least 4 reviews and try to conduct interviews of readers for social media posts as well.

September Content Calendar

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Now that we are well and truly in the season of fall, make things warm and fuzzy. Bring on conversations and interactions. Identify at least six icons from your niche and create articles for which you can interview them. Send them an outline with a questionnaire and ask for an interview. Run these interviews and promote them on social media. This is where your back linking exercise also begins with much gusto!

October Content Calendar

Take your blogging efforts to the next level by creating a second and more updated version of your How To articles from January. These should come with a link for your E Book as well. Remember to create a related or updated How To around these blog posts with bytes from experts as well! Include links to posts and articles where you and your E Book were featured too.

November Content Calendar

As we did in February, it is now time to take a few Whats and describe them in standalone posts. These should be an extension of your How To articles. Remember to link all the articles with internal linking. Plus, by now you would have sufficient basis to ask your fellow bloggers for guest posts and link sharing!

December Content Calendar

With the end of the year and the holidays on hand, you would want to create a series of posts that reflect on the on goings on your blog and your niche in general. Create list style posts that would round up the best of various things that you and your fellow bloggers have covered. Remember to share them on your social media pages with relevant shoutouts to round up the year! Also, plan for January this month.

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