What exactly is a product description? The copy or the content that helps you explain the product, its features and why one should buy it – that’s a product description. While it may sound simple enough to write, it is anything but. Product description writing is the art and science of telling your ideal buyer that you have a solution to their problems.

Many sellers make the rookie mistake of cramming all the information and details about a product into product description writing. While we understand how passionate one is about a product and its features, as well as the thought process that has gone into creating it; you need to remember one thing – the reason you created the product.

The buyer journey will begin from that reason rather than the seller journey and the process of creating the product. So, when you begin writing product descriptions, you will need to literally work backwards and first answer all the questions that the buyer may have had even before seeing your product. That is called the awareness part of the buyer journey.

The simple rule for writing product descriptions that truly persuade: Answer All Questions.

This simple trick will help you write product descriptions that truly sell. Here’s a quick guide on answering questions and piquing the interest of the ideal buyer:

  1. Adhere to the Algorithm: Whether you are writing on Amazon or any other E Commerce platform, you will need to remember that there is an algorithm at play which only recognizes click through. In order to earn that click, writing product descriptions is the first step.
  2. The Headline: The headline has to cater to three main things. An experience promise based on a problem that the customer would be facing, merchant or backend keywords, and two or three crux features. Remember to pepper this part of the description with sensory words. This would ensure that the customer feels like there is a human behind the screen selling the product.
  3. Buyer Journey: This is where the buyer journey begins – and this is also where your ranking game begins. You would have to appeal to the customer with an articulation of the problem statement before earning a click. This is foolproof product description writing.
  4. Above the Line Copy: This is where you will write the features in bullet points. Now, when you are writing product descriptions here, you will need to remember one crucial thing. Each feature has to be presented as an answer to a question. List the questions that the customer may have. How many mega pixels does the camera lens have? Is it waterproof? What’s the warranty like? Answer each question as a bullet point.
  5. Below the Line Copy: Writing product descriptions is also about making a crucial connection with the buyer. This is an important part of the buyer journey. In the below the line copy or content, you would want to articulate the answers to other questions like variations of the product and why it is superior to others in the market. Remember to do this without dropping other names.

If you notice, all the five points above make one thing very clear – answers. Writing product descriptions is all about providing answers.

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