A blog has become an often repeated term in digital parlance. Everywhere you look, people are talking about content. And when there is talk of content, there will always be talk of blogs – or specifically, how to make money from blogging!

To make money from blogging, and monetize your blog are two separate things. Many of us tend to think it is the very same thing. So what is the difference?

The Difference Between Monetizing Your Blog and Make Money from Blogging is:

  • To monetize your blog, you can use certain tools like ads, or sell plugins and conduct similar activities that would require less, or automated effort.
  • To make money from blogging, you would have to package your content as a product. This will help you sell your services in various areas including content writing, link building, guest posting, course creation so on and so forth.
  • To monetize your blog, you would not have to actively create something new.
  • To make money from blogging, you would need to constantly do something new and creative.
  • Monetizing your blog is a generic activity.
  • To make money from blogging, you would be putting a niche skill to use so that you can build a revenue stream from a specific audience.

Now we have understood the fundamental difference between monetization of a blog and how to make money blogging. As a result, can talk about how to make money from blogging. In 2020, many things have changed. From lifestyles to buying patterns; from schooling to doing business – nothing has remained unchanged.

Why Should You Have a Blog in 2021?

Make money from blogging

In 2020, businesses have shifted their focus online like never before. All buying and selling is happening online. In such a scenario, 2021 is the best time to make money from blogging. Now, businesses are paying for a larger digital footprint with content, visibility and engagement on sources other than their own.

This brings us to our very next question:

Do Blogs Make Money in 2021?

The answer is, Yes! Blogs are set to make money in 2021:

  • Businesses want to be seen online.
  • Customers are looking for products online.
  • Businesses want credible content about their products online.
  • Customers want credible content about products they are about to buy online.
  • Businesses need many sources to talk about their products.
  • Customers need to see the brand mentioned in various places.

With such needs in place, it should come as no surprise that it is easy as ever to make money from blogging in 2020 and 2021. There are thousands of bloggers who are bringing in high revenues with their creative efforts. You can be one of them!

Here’s what your blog should do to make money:

  • Visibility: A product, service, brand or business should become more visible with your posts or content. For this, your blog posts would have to be well optimized and constantly presented on social media. Further, the effort has to be consistent so that your posts are visible to those who have shown initial interest – and their friends too!
  • Information: Your blog should contain information that answers all possible questions related to that product, service or niche. As a result, you will build authenticity and make your name one to recall easily.
  • Constant Content: You would have to constantly post new content to grab eyeballs and make an impact. Here, we are not just talking about rankings. For instance, your blog would have to provide new articles, resources like reviews, ebooks and courses, or even partner with new affiliate link building channels.
  • Embrace New Formats: Think ahead of your time to make money from blogging in 2020. For this, consider adding click bait headlines, sharing videos, creating webinars to discuss trends with experts and brands. These are a few things you can do to stay ahead in the blogging game!
  • Find and Fill a Gap: Every market has a gap. Accordingly, once you have chosen the niche for your blog, you would have to find that gap and do your best to fill it. Is there a dearth of courses on a certain subject? Create them! Is there a lack on expert articles and tips on another niche topic? Write them!
  • Build Communities: Build your audience by interacting with them and rewarding the first few readers with freebies, mentions, tags and much more. It is important to build a community around your niche so that people trust you. Make it easy to share posts by adding social media buttons.
  • Choose a Product Mix: Offer a product mix that will interest various types of customers. This will make your blog an interesting one. It will also give you a wider audience and many more topics to cover!

How do Beginner’s Make Money from Blogging?

While many of us tend to think that the veteran bloggers make money from blogging, the truth is very different. It is true that consistent efforts at building a blog will pay off. However, even a beginner can make money from blogging in the year 2021!

Make Money from Blogging

Types of Blogs That Make the Most Money

The list of ways in which a beginner blogger can make money is a simple one:

  • Sell Ads.
  • Bring in Organic Traffic.
  • Create Great Content.
  • Create Your Own Products to Sell.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Get Content Gigs for the Same Niche.

Once the traffic begins to come to you regularly, and you are ready to give more time and energy to your blog, there are a number of products and ideas that can help you make money from blogging. Moreover, when you are engaged in addressing and solving the needs of your core users, your revenue making avenues will increase.

Influencer Marketing to Make Money from Blogging

Brands and businesses who see these readers as their prospective customers will flock to you. As a result, you will receive offers to create sponsored posts and articles that can influence your readers to become their customers. In simple terms, this is known as influencer marketing. Thus, with influencer marketing, you will offer visibility with great content as the main product.

Courses and Webinars to Make Money from Blogging

When you are knowledgable about a certain niche, it would be best to package that into great content. As a consequence, you will have a product that can actually generate revenue for your blog. You can also host webinars with experts from the niche. Also, you can charge your audience and bring in sponsors to earn further revenue for your efforts. Additionally, eBooks are also a great way to make money here.

Review Writing and Affiliate Marketing Revenue

To make a killing with shared links and reviews of products is the ultimate revenue boosting activity for bloggers and website owners. In fact, it is akin to taking ad sales a step forward with relevant content. You can find influencers and reviewers in your niche to invite them for guest posts. Additionally, you can also share affiliate links for products that are doing well in the market. This is one of the oldest and easiest digital practices to bring buyers and sellers together.

E Commerce to Make Money Blogging

Adding products that can help you earn is also a great way to boost the bank balance! This is especially helpful (and possible!) if you are blogging in a specific niche. You can carry products of that niche and write great content to draw the eye and attention of the end user. Additionally, you would have to arrange the payment gateway and other such details for a smooth sailing process. You can also sell images, plugins and themes that are in constant high demand!

Create a Paid Website to Make Money Blogging

If you can give away premium information or you have a source for constant news about a certain niche, then why give it away for free? With a few initial free articles, you can create a subscription box with a nominal monthly charge. As a result, your readers would have constant access to the resources you diligently provide as a well as freebies like exclusive interviews, eBooks, job boards, business directories, the chance to enter paid submissions and contests in that niche – and so much more!

Ready to Start Making Money from Your Blog?

We hope this guide has helped you understand the various ways in which you can make money from blogging in 2021. Always remember to choose a niche wisely, create a good content inventory and choose your revenue method. Then, it’s time to get, set, go!