So you have written an ebook. And you are fully geared to launch it on Kindle. Excited? Yes! As you prepare to launch your writing career, your head is swirling with possibilities and excitement. In turn, you see royalties pouring into your account. Yet, how is this kindle bestselling success going to come your way?

Before we get into Kindle bestselling success, let us understand the various people who would be able to further their varied interests with an ebook.

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Who Needs Kindle Bestselling Success?

  • Authors.
  • Subject Matter Experts.
  • Blogs and Bloggers.
  • Business.
  • Freelancers and professionals.

Did you know that people make $100,000 or more with Kindle success? It is very possible to bring in this kind of revenue if you hit all the right spots. The answer is a simple one that I am going to reveal in this article. But first, let us understand the steps for writing an ebook.

Sure Shot Steps for Ebook Writing

Kindly bestselling success will come when the ebook has been created. Follow this ten quick steps to do the needful:

  • Choose the topic and the title with much care.
  • Do your research for better planning and grasp.
  • Create a writing routine for yourself.
  • Add calls for action and other material to the ebook.
  • Format the ebook with a designer or software.
  • Build an audience even before the launch.
  • Publish the ebook on the platform.
  • Spread the word with promotions.
  • Take insights and make changes.
  • Plan the follow up ebook.
Ebook Writing

Kindle Bestselling Success will come from the one simple secret: the right category. This is called the ABSR or the Amazon Bestseller Rank Number. It is crucial to choose the right category for a good ABSR.

Choosing the Right Category for Your Ebook

It is important to choose the right category when you publish your book. This is an often overlooked area that is crucial. Yet, that’s the big secret for Kindle bestselling success! If you scroll down to the Product Description area of a book listing on Amazon, you will find the ABSR mentioned right at the end. This shows how well the book ranks in that category.

This image would show you the categories in which the book has been listed (just above the customer review at the bottom) and where it stands in each category.

In the above image, you can see that there are 2 other books doing better than the book is doing in the Personal Development and Self-Help categories. The book is doing well in all categories, but it is also positioned well to get the best out of three categories. Here, there aren’t any other books of its kind. So, here’s how you can choose the right category for Amazon bestselling status:

  1. Choosing a Basic Area: You have to be clear about the basic genre, niche or area before you publish your book, when you are gunning for Amazon or Kindle bestseller success. Many authors think they can only choose two or three categories. But the secret is that you can choose up to 7 categories! Yet, the trick for bestselling success is to choose 3 main categories and a few sub categories within that. This would let you concentrate on the right set of niche markets. Sending an email to Kindle Author Central will open up more categories for you to play with.
  2. The Right Keywords: Readers usually search for books with keywords, yet here is something you must know. The Amazon A9 algorithm recognizes and shows results based on how a book with those keywords, is doing in its category. So, instead of merely using keywords, choose the right categories. Then choose the keywords accordingly for your product listing headline.
  3. Research Categories: You would be astounded to know that Amazon actually has 16,000 plus categories. You should be relevant in the categories and sub categories that you choose. Go deep into sub categories. This especially works well for non fiction books. For example, it would be a good idea to choose Direct Marketing as your sub niche from the overall Marketing books niche.
  4. Numbers and Calculations: Moreover, you should base your research on finding out how many books are there in a certain category. Then, you should look at the ABSR so that you know how many books you would be contending with, before you reach the Kindle Bestselling spot! So, you should typically settle for a category where the ABSR would be within a few thousand rather than 10,000 or above.
  5. The Right Plugin: While you can do a ton of manual work to find the categories and do the calculations, you could take an easier router. Or rather, the smarter route. KDSpy or Kindle Spy would be one of the better known plugins that you can install as a Chrome extension. A plugin like this one would give you a dashboard where you can search with keyword or niche. This is also a Kindle calculator.
  6. Stay Relevant: The ABSR changes on a constant basis. In fact, for certain niches, it changes every few hours. So, the trick is to remain relevant. You should choose a category where the number of titles to reach the ABSR is less, but also one that is more visible. This is because a newbie writer would need less competition and more visibility. An already visible niche gives you a built in audience. The trick is a lesser ABSR in that highly searched or visible niche.
  7. Less Competitive Categories: You need to remember to choose the less competitive options. So, if there are less number of books in a category where the ABSR is #1999, you should choose it. This is because you would have to sell a small number of volumes per day for Kindle bestselling success.
  8. Cater to Highly Searched Niches: Non fiction is one of the best niches on Kindle. Some of the most highly searched niches would include education (especially spelling, math, geography) as well as children’s literature. Further, books on motivation and entrepreneurship are also having quite a moment. This trend is expected to continue well into 2021. Books on language as well as the teaching and learning process are also doing well. You could consider entering the online learning tools space for a good Kindle book.
  9. Build Authorship: Remember to plan a few short books that could be published regularly. This would help you establish your authorship in that niche. Consider writing books for various sub niches or sub categories within the same niche. This way, you can create a well paying business out of Kindle books on your subject matter expertise.