When you have an Amazon or E Commerce store, the point is to sell your products – efficiently and effortlessly. Now, there are a number of ways to do this. While imagery is important, so is content. You would need to write product descriptions that will engage and entice so that a sale happens. This would literally automate the following:

  • Ranking on the E Commerce platform or search engine
  • Engage automatically without a call or an email
  • Earn a click through
  • Take a person from listing to product page
  • Take the same person from product page to checkout
  • Rinse and repeat – almost on automation!

Now, that is the power of good product description writing. When you focus on putting the right things in the right place, the imagery and the solution you are trying to pitch will both start to make more sense. This is why you need to write product descriptions that are impactful, engaging and self explanatory!

Let us look at a few statistics. Did you know that only 30% of the customers on Amazon click on a headline and go to the actual product page? This is all thanks to the Amazon A9 algorithm. Similarly, various E Commerce stores and platforms have their own algorithms. The bottom line is the product descriptions and how you write them!

So, without much ado, let us have a look at the various elements to help you write product descriptions:

  1. The Ideal Buyer: When you write product descriptions, you need to lay focus on the most important person – the ideal buyer. Plenty of research and lots of thought has to go into what questions you are answering for the ideal buyer. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyer. We would literally ask you to work the process backwards and start by asking yourself why someone would click on your product listing and proceed to checkout.
  2. Checklist: To reiterate the previous point, we would urge you to create a checklist of sorts to help you answer FAQs and play the devil’s advocate, even! Make sure your product description – from headline to above the line and even below the line content – checks each box. This is the correct way to write product descriptions.
  3. Niche Keywords: Backend and other keywords are very important. Add these to the items on your checklist to help you create the right structure. After that, when you begin to write the product descriptions, it would merely be a matter of filling the blanks. Make sure you use a merchant keyword generator like Merchant Words or Jungle Scout for the best results!
  4. Introduce Benefits: Now, take the keywords and the main terms from the buyer FAQs to craft a benefit or solution. This is how you make your pitch in the language of your ideal buyer and the algorithm you are catering to.
  5. Distribute: When you have learnt the language, you will now write product descriptions with the law of distribution. The main features with a keyword and benefit go in the headline. The above the line content would be in bullet points to draw out each feature. The below the line content would read like a quick, entertaining article to answer deeper questions and influence a buying choice. Checkout, guaranteed!
  6. Show Social Proof: Add testimonials and reviews when you write product descriptions. This is one of the most important parts of writing the product description. When you make this addition, you are basically keeping the best for the last and wrapping it up with icing on top!

So, are you ready to start crafting your product descriptions? Ask for our in house free spreadsheet to help you do it with ease!