If you are a serious modern day blogger, you would be using Yoast or a similar tool. This is a tool that would rate your blog posts on readability and SEO signals. Yoast is easily available as a plugin on all WordPress websites and blogs. Before understanding how you can get a good readability signal on Yoast, you need to understand what Yoast is and how it can help your blog or website.

What is Yoast?

Yoast is one of the best known and most widely installed plugins of WordPress. It has the following uses:

  • SEO goals becomes easy to achieve with Yoast.
  • It enables you to easily optimize your content with key phrases and link building.
  • Yoast also helps you achieve better readability of text to make it more engaging for all kinds of readers.
  • This plugin is also an easy to use one to help your blog rank higher.
  • The plugin gives you a number of recommendations and in depth analysis for easy to follow SEO principles.

Why Do You Need Yoast?

  • Better Readability.
  • Better Rankability.
  • Monetization of Blog.
  • Increased Traffic.
  • Higher Engagement.
  • Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Editing for Better SEO Adherence.

These are a few reasons why you need the Yoast plugin on your website or your blog. If you are looking to sell your content or to make a living with courses, E books and E Commerce products, then your content would be the start point. The Yoast plugin would rank and help you optimize your content so that the average reach and click through rate is a far better one.

This image shows the results for the SEO which appear with green signals. The green dots show that the result is good, while the orange ones would show average results and the red dots would show poor results.

The rules and recommendations of Yoast will ensure that your blog or website would have compelling text and posts for easy readability and better ranking.

In fact, the two main things which Yoast does for your content and your blog or website in general is to increase:

  • SEO Signals.
  • Readability.

Why is Readability so Important for your Content?

The readability signal can range from red to green, in order to show good readability results for green dots, average results for the orange dots, and poor results for the red dots. Before we understand how we can consistently get green dots for the readability and SEO analysis, we need to understand why we need this green signal.

This image shows the Readability Analysis as per the Yoast Plugin.

Readability is not just grammatically correct text or content. It includes text that can appeal to a wider audience. You need readability for the following reasons:

  • Reach: Search engines like Google tend to give a better rank to blog posts and websites containing text with good readability. This is because the rules followed for a green signal on the ease of reading index would make it a good search result for Google to throw up for its users!
  • Engagement: Following the rules set by Yoast would ensure that you use text formats that would make it easy for your audience to understand you. This will make your content much more engaging.
  • Faster Reading: The Yoast rules and recommendations will ensure that a reader can read your text that much faster. This would make the reader retain the information and your brand in a more efficient manner so that they come back to your blog, again and again.
  • Simple and Precise: The recommendations by the Yoast analysis will also allow you to keep the text simple and precise. This will put forward your message in a clear manner. The simpler your words and sentence structure, the easier it would be for the reader to understand and apply the information. This is especially helpful if you are writing “How to” articles and tutorials.

How to Attain Good Readability on Yoast?

Now that we have understood why we need a green dot for readability on Yoast, let us understand how to attain it. Here are the ways to get a green dot in the readability analysis:

1] Clear Writing: You would need to write clearly. Remember, if it is difficult for you to draft, it will be difficult for your reader to read and understand. In time, they will abandon your website and move on to greener pastures where the readability signal would be a green one!

2] Short Paragraphs: This is one of the best ways to get a green signal for your blog posts. You should ideally have paragraphs containing three to four sentences. This will ensure that your reader will have small doses of information to comprehend and retain. It also makes for faster reading.

3] Short Sentences: Just because you have to keep the paragraphs short, does not mean you get to write long sentences to cram in lots of information. Steer clear of this potentially red dot earning practice. Write shorter sentences that would precisely lay down the information. Keep one thought per sentence to make it less than 20 words.

4] Better Structures: If you pay heed to the above two rules, you will most definitely have a better structure for your blog posts. While it may be difficult to follow initially, this practice can help you create a well laid out blog post. This would give you proper sections to convey relevant information in the short paragraphs.

5] Short Sections: You should ensure uniformity of subheadings and sections. Ideally, the section under each subheading should not be over 300 words, if you want to earn a green signal for readability.

6] Transition Words: These are some of the best tools to use for better readability. Each paragraph should begin with a transition word or phrase like however, moreover, for instance, additionally, as a result, etc. At least two sentences in a paragraph should contain these transition words, to show good flow.

7] Active Voice: Try and write in a direct way with active voice. Using passive voice like, “As a plugin, Yoast is an often downloaded one,” will get you a negative signal. Instead, try using a sentence structure like “Yoast is a popular plugin that enjoys a high rate of downloads.”

8] Repetition of Words: Avoid repetition of words entirely. When you use the same word to start a sentence too many times consecutively, Yoast will give you a low readability signal. Adhering to this rule will ensure that you begin your sentences in a unique way each time.

9] Grammar: Apart from these rules, it would also be worthwhile to note that Yoast awards good grammar with a green signal. You should ensure that you run your text through a software like Grammarly.

10] Word Limit: If you get an orange signal while writing, do not lose heart. The signal can get better once you clock in a higher word count. This is because the errors will lesser in percentage, with an increasing word count. Additionally, a higher word count will earn you a good SEO signal! Let us consider an example.

If you have 11% passive voice sentences with a word count of 500 words, you will get an orange signal. Yet, if you write a 1000 words, the same will show up as less than 11%.