Have you been looking for a revenue earning career in content writing? Does it seem like a faraway dream with no end in sight? Well, this list of resolutions will help you reach your goals! Feel free to print and paste on your fridge door!

As content writers, many of us struggle with a number of challenges. Let us first look at these challenges and how we can tackle them in 2021.

Challenges in Content Writing

  • Procrastination: This would have to be the number one culprit in the world of content writing. Many writers procrastinate because they are low on energy, ideas, or motivation – or all of the above!
  • Monotony: Many of us are given content writing jobs by the same clients, which means we have to constantly find new ways to write on the same old thing. This can lead to monotony.
  • Lack of Consistence: If you are starting your blog or website, you would find that you begin with enthusiasm and it soon fizzles out. Nothing kills a good blog like inconsistent writing. Also, this tends to happen to writers who begin without a content inventory.
  • Technical Challenges: Writing is increasingly becoming a technical or digital skill. A content writer is not just someone who should know how to string together the right words. The modern day writer also has to plan, research, and work with SEO tools to create optimized content.
  • Competition: While there is a great demand for content writers, there is also great competition. Many writers do not know much about marketing, positioning, choosing a niche and then creating products out of their content. This hinders progress and scalability.

1] Research Before Writing.

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Make a resolution to find the right tone, the right keywords and the most unique way of expression with research. Not only will research help you find what all there is out there – but it will also help you find out what does not exist yet. This is the gap you can fill! You should also dedicate plenty of time to read and research related articles and keywords or hashtags to write relevant content.

2] Build a Content Inventory.

Remember to create a content inventory. What exactly is a content inventory, though? It is a repository of articles and blog posts that you would post in the coming 6 to 8 weeks. You should be ready with this kind of an inventory to remain consistent in your publishing efforts.

At the same time, remember to create space in your content writing inventory for currently trending topics.

3] Remove Content Writing Distractions.

It is the dream of every writer to write without distractions! In the year 2021, ensure that you remove distractions before you sit down to write. Unplug, switch off, complete chores – whatever it takes. You can also look for apps and programs that block certain sites that you addictively go to – use them!

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5] Make a List Before You Begin.

Lists are not only time savers, but they can also be life savers! We are not merely talking about making a list of the articles or blog posts that you need to write in a day or a week. You would have to list the exact points that you want to cover in each post or article.

A good list would be like an outline that helps you write your posts and articles much faster. Invest time to create these lists for good content writing health!

6] Choose How to Package Yourself.

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There is more to content writing than merely writing content for clients. You can always choose to write tutorials on a subject that you are well versed with. Additionally, you can also write E Books or get into affiliate marketing so that you can monetize your blog. Choose how to package your content into a passive revenue generating product!

7] Settle on a Niche for Content Writing.

Many of us tend to take on whatever content writing projects we may get. And that is a great way to earn from your writing. But, it would also be a worthwhile practice to develop your authorship in a particular niche. You can then build yourself up as a subject matter expert who can earn with E books, webinars, a blog, tutorials and so much more.

Contribute as a guest blogger on a blog or publication to build your status in your niche.

8] Set Content Writing Goals.

Make a content calendar using an online tool for the same, or simply use an excel sheet. You should factor in your ongoing content writing projects, as well as projects from which you want to earn in other ways. Set goals that would clearly mention number of articles or posts, timelines, number of words and other such details. These goals should be realistic and also list the tools you would need for accomplishing the same.

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9] Plan Seasonal Posts.

When you are building your content calendar and inventory, remember to plan for seasonal posts. This should depend on your industry, region and demographics. Accordingly, you should factor in the tone of your core audience so that you are able to make a relatable impression. Seasonal posts are also good fillers that ensure you can stay in the attention span of your audience.

Create posts in advance so that you are not overwhelmed during International Book Day or Christmas!

10] Solicit Guest Posts.

Collaborate with other people on a routine basis. Track down mid level blogs that are doing well in your niche. Then, reach out to the bloggers and ask them to write for your blog in exchange for a blog post that you would contribute, with a back link and of course a byline as well!

A good way to ensure visibility and discoverability would be to factor in guest posting at least once or twice a month. This could work like a barter of posts to begin with.

11] Learn Technical Skills.

It is not always enough to know how to write. In the current digital climate, it is just as important to ensure that you know the technicalities to make your work more SEO friendly. Make it a point to learn about one new Yoast or SEO tool a day, or at least once a week. This would be imperative for your growth as a sought after writer.

Your technical know how would make your content writing skills that much more sought after. Invest time and effort to learn these skills!

12] Make Space for Rewards.

Looking forward to rewards after a good writing session will keep the content in content writing! This is a key for motivation and to keep yourself incentivized as well.

Photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash