Content writing is one of the most important niches in the digital arena. In fact, we would not be too far off the mark to say that content truly is king! Content is the fuel on which your digital presence will run. As a result, it is imperative to analyze and maintain good content health and hygiene on your portal or platform.

Why Do We Need Content Writing?

Before we move any further, we need to analyze why we need content writing in the first place. In my 20 year long career, I have often been asked a question: why do we need content? Many clients have raised a question about what content can actually do for them. Most people seem to think that a great product should speak for itself. But sadly, that is not the case. Content is what articulates the unique selling points of a product or a service. Accordingly, here are the reasons why we need content writing:

  • Articulation: Content writing would help you talk about the USP or unique selling point of a product or service.
  • Monetization: With content, you will be able to earn revenue from your blog, website, tutorials or any other E Commerce based platform.
  • Attract Attention: From your website to your E Commerce descriptions, your content can actually grab the attention of the end user with the right words in the right place.
  • Tackle Competition: With the help of good content, you will be able to rise above the competition and engage meaningfully with your prospects.
  • Stand Out: The right content will always make your brand stand out. There will be the right use of keywords and creative use of templates.
  • Relatable: When you turn to content writing, there will be a relatable edge to your digital presence. This is because the problems of your core customer will be well articulated.

With the right content and the right words, you would be able to make quite a revenue earning impression on your target audience. But how do you know if your content is doing its job well? This is where we would need to check the content health. Apart from the social media and CRM analytics, you would need to check for many other factors in order to see if the content is what your brand and its audience needs. This is a way of checking how good your content is and whether or not it is able to do its work well.

How to Check Your Content Health?

1] Insightful: One of the main ways to check if your content writing is spot on, is to check for insights. Does your content rightly capture the problems that your target audience is facing?

Because, remember – your content needs to portray your brand as a problem solver. So, you need to show how well you understand the problem first!

2] Sales Pitch: You need to conduct timely checks to make sure that the words do not veer off into the sales pitch section. The content should not constantly speak about your brand, but rather the problems that your brand can solve.

With content writing, it is important to show what your brand can do, rather than telling the customers to make a purchase.

3] Varied: How diverse is your content? You would need to ask yourself this question constantly so that you come up with new ways to constantly engage your customer. Remember, the same format will bore your audience away.

Make sure you bring in interviews, contests, reviews and much more to keep the content interesting and engaging!

4] Adaptability: How adaptable is your content? Every platform works in a different manner, and hence, each and every piece of writing needs to adapt to that platform.

Your storytelling style should depend on the platform and its audience, not vice versa. Study the platform and its algorithm to create relatable content.

5] Relevance: One of the biggest ways to study the health of your content is to understand how relevant it is. Is your content still using old trends, references and adages? Time to make a change!

Ensure that your content speaks the current language and refers to current trends to stay on top of its engagement game!

6] Interactive: Above all else, your content has to give your audience a chance to interact. This is one of the best ways to keep the customer or audience coming back for more!

Instead of sharing information, you should ask questions and then collate that into a post or article that would resonate.

7] Become Discoverable: Keywords, hashtags and links are very important in content writing. These are just a few tools that you would have to build into your content. This practice helps the SEO signals reach far and wide.

Remember, if you are writing without keywords, links and hashtags, you are writing in a vacuum that no one visits! Being visible is not enough – you have to be discoverable too!

8] Readability: While you may be tempted to write long sentences with flowing language and much ornamentation – I would urge you to stop!

Precise information in short, easy to read sentences will earn you more attention than flowery language.

9] Images: Articulate with visual elements as well. Take images from stock free or royalty free websites so that you have well sized and relevant imagery to draw the attention of your audience.

It is important to tell the story with infographics and relevant images to demonstrate what you are trying to say.

10] Craft Click Bait Headlines: Your headlines should include the gist of the story with a suspense ridden element. This will pique the curiosity of the audience and help you earn a click.

The headline should tell the story without giving away the ending – only a promise and the right keywords for easy discoverability!

Stay on top of your content writing game by keeping an eye on these parameters. You should not merely rely on likes and shares or comments. These may not always lead to the conversions that you are looking for. For that, you should focus on creating content that people can come to rely on. This would require a focus on all of the above points while you are writing. Remember, the point is not just to rank well. You should also earn a click.