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Download Your 2021 Content Planning Calendar

2021 is the year of content. Why? Because, look around you – everything and everyone is now online after the epic ‘shelter at home’ year called 2020!

Content creators and Bloggers often feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks, the technologies and tools that they have to juggle, and the ideas that refuse to show up on time!

Devangini Mahapatra is here to fix all that and more with a simple yet uber stylish 2021 Content Planning Calendar

Here's what all you can do with it:

Become a more productive and consistent writer

Get the right techniques for the right content

Create a body of work that establishes your authority in your niche

Effortlessly and consistently get and turn new ideas into engaging content

Achieve seamless planning and execution

Keep your audience interested and super engaged

Know how to use your content for promotions and revenue

Become a successful Blogger

Why should you trust my Content Planner?

Because it is based on 20 years of experience in the content writing, blogging and publishing industry with 10 books, numerous big names as clients, much media coverage and a few awards (including being recognized as one of the Top 50 Content Marketing Professionals in Asia!)

Plus, traction that looks like this:

So, claim your Print Ready, high resolution PDF with crop and bleed marks today! Simply print on a matte or glossy A3 sheet and hang it up where you can see it every single day of the next blogging year!

And while you are at it, remember to check the month by month details in the story on

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