Your social media presence can dictate how far you will go in your business or freelance journey; and in how long! The way into the hearts and minds of your social media followers would be through the social media headlines. The simple truth is that a social media headline – or at least a slew of consistently relevant ones – can make or break your social media game.

But first…

What is a Social Media Post?

While we have all heard of blog posts, very few of us actually know the true meaning of a social media post. The social media post is a status update on a social media platform or channel. It includes user generated data that can be of various types.

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  • Product Centric Posts.
  • Engagement Style Posts.
  • News or Trending Topics.
  • Blog Sharing Posts.
  • Contests and Polls.
  • Infographics.
  • Offers and Ads.
  • Personal Posts.
  • Photography or Image Style Posts.
  • Videos.
  • Behind the Scenes Posts.
  • Quotes or Memes or Shared Posts.

An appropriate social media strategy would include these different types of posts so that there is no blatant marketing. When a social media page or feed constantly pushes products or services, people tend to avoid posts from that page. Yet, when it provides information, motivation, interactive activities and more, there will be wider reach and engagement.

But, in order to that, one must start with social media headlines. However, to make an efficient headline, we must include the promise of many other elements in the rest of the post. Only then can we earn a worthy click (on the post), or click through (as a call for action to a landing page or website).

The Parts of a Social Media Post

First off, we need to understand what all goes into a social media post. Here are the different parts of a social media post:

1] The Headline: This is one of the most essential parts of a social media post. In fact, whether you are writing a blog post or an ebook, this would be one of the most important things. The headline basically grabs eyeballs. A clickbait headline will ensure that you get the interest of the user and then reel them in for a click. The headline must tell the story with a cliff hanger at the end. And this must be done in the shortest possible sentence with a question style or numeric style beginning, and a suspenseful end. Here’s a headline that would definitely make us click! The instant focus is: 12 ways! And then you want to know how they work.

2] The Tag Line: In many cases, this is also known as the secondary headline. With this headline, you would be able to give a more conversational style takeaway to help people understand what they can expect from your post. Essentially, it explains the headline and helps you transition to the rest of post. The post would have to start with this kind of a line so that it instantly becomes interactive and makes the post much more relatable. This is especially important if you are planning to propose a solution for your users or readers.

3] Text and Line Breaks: Each piece of information should be precisely worded to fit into a two line paragraph with line breaks. Further, you should not have more than two or three paragraphs in such a case. This is to ensure that the user continues to remain interested enough without having to scroll to read more.

4] Call for Action: The call for action should be properly and proudly displayed with your core message. This should be loud and clear so that it grabs one’s attention much like the social media headlines.

5] Hashtags and Other Information: You should typically add and relate the post with some trending hashtags so that you show up in the relevant searches for that topic or niche. Yet, you should choose the mid range hashtags where the competition would not be too stiff or already monopolized by social media feeds that have been ranking higher, for longer.

6] The Image or Media: This is also one of the most important parts of your social media post. It should have a quote or a headline on it if possible. This would make it more interactive and the image would stand out with the message when a person is scrolling along his or her social media feed.

Now that you have understood the many parts of a typical social media post, we can discuss social media headlines in more detail.

The Traits of a Good Social Media Headline

1] Specific: The headline has to be extremely specific. Feel free to use terms like How to, When to, What to. Moreover, you can also start with a number that will quantify exactly what your post will do, teach, or show. The more specific, the more the benefits.

2] Unique: The overall headline has to be very unique. It has to show something that no one has tried before. Or rather, in words that have not been used before for the same thing. Think of what problem your post or the featured products can solve. Then, use the USP to create the headline.

3] Time Bound: It should display how long the solution will take. Or it should portray a sense of urgency. Click now, or try now should definitely be used in the primary and secondary social media headlines. These would have a positive and instant impact.

4] Relatable: More and more people should be able to relate to the headline. You can articulate the solution to an often faced problem. On the other hand, you can also try starting with, “I was suffering until I discovered these 9 ways of…” Personalization instantly creates something relatable.

5] Useful: At the end, your headline should promise usefulness. A person should not regret granting you a click. Yet, the promise begins with the headline. The use should be specified without giving away the actual solution.