In keeping with the lockdown theme of things, I binge watch often. Netflix, Prime, Hotstar – I do it all. And like everyone else, I have run out of the most popular titles. Now, the OTT platforms are bombarding me with less popular and very underrated suggestions. And like many people, I tend to draw inspiration from movies. The Internship and blog writing seemed to have much in common. Let me tell you how.

Starring The Wedding Crashers duo, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, this movie has several elements that entertain and get you thinking as well. The movie is based on a Google Campus where the two arrive for an internship. So, if you are looking for some light fare for a weekday night, this is what you may want to watch. However, I must warn you that is not a review. This link right here is. This post is all about the blog writing lessons I found in the movie.

The lessons I learnt about blog writing pertain to productivity as a writer, technique and presentation amongst many other things. But first, why do you need a blog?

Reasons to Start a Blog

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  • Visibility: A blog gives your business or freelance practice the visibility it needs.
  • Authority: You can establish your authority in a niche by routinely churning out blog posts on the same. This is also called authorship.
  • Earn: A blog can help you earn with tools like webinars, courses, ebooks, affiliate marketing and much more.
  • Build an Audience: With blog writing, you can build an audience and create a base for future customers.

Blog Writing Tips

Before we go any further, it would be worthwhile to understand what makes a good blog post and a good blog. Here are a few blog writing tips that can help you achieve the above – and more!

  • Choose the Right Niche: To become successful at blogging, you have to do it well. To do it well, you have to know more about it than most people. The ‘it’ would refer to the niche that makes you a subject matter expert.
  • Make a Blog: Choose WordPress or any other popular platform that would host your blog. You can get a ton of free tools to create the look and feel. Or, you can bring in a WordPress or graphic designer to do the needful so that you can concentrate on blog writing.
  • Content Inventory: Build a content inventory before you launch the blog. This will give you a head start and you will not have any gaps in consistent publishing. Building a content inventory would allow you to be consistent. So, you should have at least 8 to 12 posts ready!
  • Build an Audience: Interact, share and ask people for feedback. That is one of the best ways to build an organic audience for your blog writing efforts. Remember to build an email database and share your latest posts on a regular basis.
  • Monetize: You can monetize or make money from your blog. The trick to to establish your credibility as a subject matter expert with blog writing. Then, you can trade your know how, reach and consistent engagement for sponsored posts, courses, webinars, ebooks, affiliate marketing success and so much more!
  • Create Relevant Content: This would be one of the most important things to do. You would have to create content that solves problems on a constant basis. This is what will keep people coming back.

5 Blog Writing Lessons From The Internship

The above flowchart is one that any blog writing website or blog will tell you. Any tutorial, course, video or article on blogging will give you these steps in some form or the other. Yet, there are inspiring lessons to be found all around you. The Internship movie taught me the following things about blog writing:

1] Be Consistent: Consistency is sometimes the same thing as tenacity. In the movie, the two main characters lose their job but they do not give up. They begin from scratch and refuse to let go of any challenge – even if they are losing. That is what your blog writing effort has look like. While there will be days where no one will visit your blog, you have to keep writing and keep looking for more topics to cover.

The thing to remember here is that your blog writing efforts will pay off sooner than later. In this field, consistently publishing and posting relevant content would increase your digital footprint.

2] Be Relevant: When you have clocked in a great ranking for a certain series of blog posts, where do you go from there? You find the next relevant thing, the next big thing. Even Google needed to that in the movie. The interns were constantly put up to the task of finding new solutions and ideas.

It is important to keep in touch with what is happening in your niche or industry. Reporting on the same with do-able steps and your own insights would make your blog a powerful and valuable resource for many people.

3] Be Unique: When the two lead characters were faced with the challenge of being the oldest interns, they made the most of it. You do not have to fit into a mould in order to fit in. Age, gender, social status, number of followers – none of this should stop you from being unique.

The two lead characters were often faced with jargon and concepts that they did not understand. But that did not stop them from giving it their own unique twist for stellar presentation. Research and learning also helped them. Your blog writing has to be the same way! This is what would help you find your own place, rather than just fit in.

4] Be Inspired: Find inspiration all around you. Keen observation skills will help you see the world in a completely different way. If you are blogging about something you are passionate about, you will look at everything as a possible idea that can take your blog writing forward.

When the lead characters indulged in a night of partying, they got inspired. As a result, they came up with a winning app to prevent people from drunk dialing an ex! Thus, they won a challenge with real life inspiration. If you look around, you will find plenty of things that will either teach you something new, or look at the same old thing with a new perspective.

5] Be Flexible: If the movie taught me anything, it was to never give up. That does not mean striving incessantly in the same place. It also means being flexible. Not only did these characters leave their old and successful jobs, but they also learnt new skills.

They were open to new things and they were okay with making a fresh start in a whole new field. In blog writing, it is imperative to be flexible enough to foray into new and upcoming niches, or even existing sub niches. You never know where a new readership or revenue opportunity could be waiting for you!

Bonus Tip: Attention to detail is a bonus tip that I would offer you. The movie shows how a simple log in negated the stellar efforts of the lead character. In blog writing too, we have to pay special attention to all the finer details like alt text, internal and external linking, proper grammar, photo credits, positioning of images, and much more!

So, are you ready to take on the world of blogging with skills gleaned from a coming of age movie?