Being a content writer – or any kind of writer – is no joke. Being a productive content writer is even more of a challenge than most of us are willing to admit! Yet, it is a rewarding career that can truly take you places in the long run. Only if you stop long enough to focus and write. While many of us tend to glorify our procrastination and mental block related issues, there are myriad ways to build content writing productivity.

Yet, we need to get the very root of the problem to become a more productive content writer.

What is Your Unproductive Style?

  • Do you get excited with the work that comes to you only to get anxious later?
  • Do you wait and put off the task because it seems too large to tackle in a single sitting?
  • Are you scared of sitting down multiple times for the same kind of work?
  • Does monotony upset you?
  • Do you wait until the deadline is close before you pull an all nighter?
  • Are you struggling to be a productive content writer?

All of the above symptoms (or even one or two of them) would show that you are suffering from a clear case of boredom, anxious writing behavior, general procrastination and lack of inspiration. Yet, these are not the exact issues.

What is Stopping You From Being a Productive Content Writer?

  1. You are using your time in the wrong way. Do you have trouble prioritizing tasks or keeping track of time? These are common problems that can lead to a sense of helplessness when one sits down to work. Also, the sheer mental fatigue would leave you with little time or energy to actually create sentences and put together words in a coherent or creative sequence.
  2. You have too many distractions. When you work from home, as many content writers do, the productive content writer barely ever shows up. Instead, in their place, one gets to see someone who is constantly getting up from the desk to stir a pot that does not need stirring; or fix a picture that does not need fixing. Same with social media. Same with inane phone calls.
  3. You are not used to focus. When Andrew Carnegie was questioned on how he became so successful so soon, he replied, “It is because I can focus on something for five minutes.” Just try this simple exercise. Can you focus on something for five minutes? The human brain is like a lamp. It can only focus on what the light is trained on. You have probably fallen into the habit of shining your light on too many things at one time. When you stop multi tasking, you become a productive writer.
  4. You are too used to the thrill of screeching to a deadline minutes before it elapses. Have you become too used to the thrill of speeding on and finding self admiration in the frantic typing speed you have to employ when you are trying to make a deadline? That might be keeping you from becoming a productive content writer.
  5. You are writing on the same topics over and over again. As a productive writer, you will receive the same kind of assignments. This can lead to monotony and dissatisfaction, because eventually the creative ideas will dry up. Seriously, how many times can you represent a plate of french fries in different ways?

12 Ways to Become a Productive Content Writer

Whether you are writing a blog, a book, or working on articles for a client, these 12 ways are bound to help you overcome the above issues.

1] Map out your Task: This would be the first thing to do. Know what you have to do and how you will do it, to unleash the productive content writer in you. The milestones will make you excited as you cross each one off the list.

2] Create a Space for Writing: Do you write on the bed or the dining table? Be a productive content writer by creating a nook for yourself. A table by a window and some books on a smaller shelf with throw pillows nearby – these are a few of my favorite things!

3] Calculate Your Earnings: Many times, we feel like a lesser per word rate would only go so far to make us financially stable. Yet, if you calculate how many articles you can write everyday to achieve a decent pay with that rate, you will surprised at the motivating figure you will find.

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4] Stagger the Word Count: Do not aim to write a 1000 words in an hour. Start with 150, move on to 250 after a break. And then do 500 words. Finally, you will be left with just about 50 to 100 words for the grand finish! As a result, the task will seem smaller and easier.

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5] Make Your Breaks Meaningful: A meaningful break as opposed to a mindless one will galvanize the productive content writer back into action faster than you can spell yawn! Try posting a few of your recent blog posts on social media instead of mindlessly scrolling up and down. Motivation, guaranteed.

6] Try Mind Games: But, in a good way. Take on a brain game like a memory or organization game to boost the thinking and creative part of your brain. This will give you fresh ideas to get back to your writing.

7] Read: I cannot stress on this one enough. Reading is essential to become a productive writer. There you go! I have relayed the gospel truth, the cardinal rule. When in a rut, read and you shall find your way out!

8] Make Time for Your Passion: When you make time for your passion, you gain something to look forward to. This way, you will be motivated to complete your tasks on time. Start that blog, take that class, cook because you want to, paint when the mood strikes.

9] Cut Out the Distractions: Constantly distracted by the TV, the phone and household chores? Allot at least 20 minute spurts of writing activity without any of the above. Then, limit exposure to distractions as a five minute reward. This way, you will be able to focus better and for longer periods.

10] Step Out: Taking a walk for a break, watering some plants in your garden, or simply working from a cafe twice a week can do wonders. To become a productive content writer, it is important to see more of the world for fresh ideas to flow.

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11] Set a Milestone: Grow your practice with milestones. You can aspire to gain a certain number of clients at a certain per word rate, for each month. This will give you something to aspire for. It will also make you invest in yourself as a productive content writer. Remember to set a reward for each milestone for even more motivation!

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12] Find Writing Buddies: Make friends in the writing community and swap notes. This could help you unwind and discuss your progress. Additionally, you will also gain many tips and tricks to help you become a productive content writer! You can also be more accountable to each other with regular interactions.