Here’s a quick challenge. You have a business, blog or freelance practice to promote. What do you do? Do you go ahead and announce your intentions on social media? And do you buy some ads? Or do you get yourself a website? But also, do you forget about email marketing? Many business owners forget all about email marketing. Yet, there is one big culprit why people feel a little afraid to do it – lack of bright email marketing content ideas.

Before you give up on email marketing content ideas, you may want to consider a few facts and figures. Email marketing has been known to bring in much higher results than mere social media marketing. It is the place where the movement towards conversion rather than mere interest expression, finally begins. Each dollar spent on email marketing brings in $44. That ROI is far higher than any kind of platform. In fact, as per a report by McKinsey and Co, email marketing is 40% more efficient than all other forms of digital marketing.

A lack of email marketing content ideas can stop you from using one of the greatest marketing tools of our times: Email!

How Can Email Marketing Help You?

1] Make money from your business, blog or any other professional practice.

2] Reach your audience where they cannot ignore you easily: in their Inbox.

3] Tell your story with some great email marketing content ideas.

4] Give a call for action that will take the buying intent forward.

5] Spark a conversation to engage better with your prospective buyers.

6] Offer freebies like ebooks, discounts and offers for more interest.

7] Save time and pursue the specific and most prospective part of your overall audience.

8] Connect directly and solve problems in a customized way.

9] Better customer relationships happen when you engage directly via email.

10] Cross sell, up sell and resell with email marketing content ideas!

Email marketing is an efficient way to bring people from various platforms like social media, to your store, website or landing page. In fact, it is the glue that holds your online presence and strategy together. Yet, this has to be done in a way that does not include direct marketing copy. Thus, writing email marketing copy includes generating some great content ideas! As a result, you would have to constantly come up with hooks that will make your presence in a customer’s inbox, one that they will look forward to.

12 Email Marketing Content Ideas

1] The Subject Line: Make sure that the subject line articulates a problem. This would instantly make you relatable and the curiosity would be piqued. You should be precise, yet not too formal. A fresh line with an urgent, ‘try now’ tone always helps!

2] Recent Niche Insights: You should present some recent survey findings or insights. This would show your customers why your product or service is important. It also makes for an interesting read. Also, this could help you start a conversation with your customer.

3] Changes in Your Business: If you have recently made any changes like adding or removing products, or a change in address, among others – these should be communicated via email. Also, if you have opened a new store, think about emailing people who live near that area.

4] Contests and Giveaways: This is an excellent content idea. You can offer a giveaway or a contest that would bring in a reply or some action. By doing so, you can easily get the customers to follow your digital path to unravel the various benefits of your products.

5] Lists: You should share lists of top ten products, or reasons to buy certain products, or new trends, on a constant basis. This way, you would become a go to resource and authority in your niche. Also, this would build better brand authority.

6] Infographics: Sharing a visual storytelling piece is always a sure shot winner! With an infographic, you can tell the whole story without wasting time. This way, the customer would be more willing to award you with a scroll and a click through.

7] Above the Line: Try and keep your narrative above the line. Bullet points or quick, short paragraphs would be ideal. So remember to divide and conquer so that a person can read without having to scroll. Accordingly, the first paragraph should have the problem; the second should tackle the solution; and the third should pitch your product with a call for action.

8] Click Bait: This is much like the social media headlines that I taught you to write, right here. You need to promise information and a solution within. Hence, your top line or subject line should have the problem, a promise and a two word call for action (like, learn more).

9] A Round Up: An update on your blog or social media activity would make an excellent content idea for email marketing. Therefore, you should routinely send out an email that helps the customers understand what is happening without having to go to all these platforms individually.

10] Less Transaction, More Conversation: Start with a conversation. Accordingly, a typical conversation starter would be a question or an insight. Sharing a piece of relevant information or a fun fact is also a good way to start. Round off with a call for a reply.

11] Seasonal Emails: This is a great way to stay in touch so that you are uppermost in the mind of your end user. A seasonal email that talks about a new season, a holiday or any other event or occasion will give you relevant content ideas.

12] Pick of the Week or Month: The pick of the week or the month is a perfect way to highlight your brand. Whether you choose a store, a team member, a product or anything else, make it informational yet fun to read. It should also highlight your strong points. Also, it can be about your industry or niche in general.