What is a website? You can think of your website as your digital business card. Your online presence begins with your website. While you might think your social media pages would be the start point of your digital presence, that is only the engagement that would take people to your website. As a result, home page content is what finally begins the process of actual engagement, reach and eventually, conversion.

If you think about it, your website is where you welcome people into your world. It is where you get to talk unabashedly about what you offer and how it can help people. This is where your domain officially begins. Hence this is why, your website is also known as your domain!

Why Do You Need a Website in 2021?

  • Run a business.
  • Build authority and credibility.
  • Make a great first impression.
  • Build an audience.
  • Get subscribers.
  • Have a shop window online.
  • Become more discoverable.

For all the above reasons and more, you do not just need a great website, but you need one with some great home page content.


You would do well to invest in a good content writer and plenty of research to get a good website content. Additionally, the content writer should provide relevant and eye catching home page content.

The home page content would be the stepping stone towards greater engagement. Therefore, it is important to get it right and word it in a way that would keep people scrolling, clicking and maybe even chatting with you! Accordingly, you should ensure that your blog or your website has a great home page to keep people on your website. This is quite akin to the social media headlines that would hook your audience – only, in a more elaborate and business like manner.

All important content on the home page should be Above The Line, or before a single scroll. Typically, it should be in short sentences with imagery to match.

10 Tips for Great Home Page Content

1] Purpose: You would need to identify the purpose of the website. This will help you understand what kind of content would be able to hook the visitor from the get go. When someone reaches the homepage, they would have to immediately understand the environment that you are creating for them. It should accordingly speak their language.

2] Include Navigation: Make sure that the home page promises everything you will get from the inner pages. The navigation should be touched upon so that people know what to expect. For example, you can mention that there are free giveaways like ebooks and others. This could also be the USP of the product or service.

3] Research: Your website home page content would have to contain all the right words for your niche. Yet, it should also fill the holes that similar websites in the same niche do not address. The home page should show that you understand the industry standards, yet you do things differently.

4] Keywords: The optimization should begin from the get go. As a result, the home page should contain the keywords for your niche. You should choose exactly what you want to play on. Then, you should generate the keywords for that and insert them strategically into the content on this page. The disclaimer is this – do not stuff keywords unnecessarily.

5] Divide the Content: The home page should not be one paragraph after the other. You should break the content up into a number of formats like quotes, bullet points and more. This will create interest and even draw the eye to the crux content on this page. Remember to avoid too many fonts and colors so that you do not create a chaotic look, though.

6] Precise Presentation: The style of writing and expression for this page should be precise. This is because the segmentation has not yet happened when the visitor gets here. You are not sure what kind of a customer you have, and for what product. On the home page, they are all prospects. Hence, you should explain each feature and benefit in a precise manner.

7] Shorter Sentences: You should most definitely avoid rambling sentences. Do not merely separate sentences with a comma. Instead, break them into two sentences. Make sure that whatever you are writing is easy to understand. So, there should be no room or scope to misunderstand or not understand.

8] Creative Writing: You should express the same thing in a unique way. Draw analogies when you write. Also, you can use one part of the sentence to write a series of words that can be fun, quirky, or even poetic. For example, to describe a robust email marketing service, you can write:

Ensuring that your messages are loud and clear, our Email Marketing service provides:

Stylish templates,

Conveniently automated features,

– Links to diverse platforms,

Seamless contact management

And much more!

(You can easily see the play of formats, creativity and precise explanation of features too)

9] Avoid Repetitions: The home page is your one shot at making a stellar impression without complicated sentences and too much jargon. Yet, you should include all your features, products, services and more – without repeating anything. Any repetition will bore your visitor!

10] Clever Anchor Text: The anchor text should not merely be “Click here”. Instead, try to hyperlink words of interest so that your approach is a more positive and interesting one. The anchor text should typically be worked into the content unless it is a separate and important call for action.